Boking Art Of Purity


BOKING - Shenzhen Boking Art Of Purity(former sea equity trading code: 662506 is located in Shenzhen International Creative Valley core Pingshan sculpture art creative park, the company after years of independent research and development with the latest technology of high transparent material forming technology is a major breakthrough in the field of materials. Now is a professional engaged in sculpture, and other cultural works of art of creative design, development, sales, the high-end art gallery operations in a body's comprehensive cultural art institutions, vision is the diversity of the platinum crystal material as the core, the creative cultural industry group.

BOKING - the company's latest technology used in the production of platinum crystal works of art has a splendid artistic appeal, is the only able to carry large, crystal clear, bright high-transparent sculpture, art project agencies, works of technology and art The perfect combination. Has applied for a number of national patents, the company already has a complete team of artists, creative design team, art consultant team, production team.

BOKING-company under: Shenzhen MING Contemporary Art Center, Hong Kong Yue Mutang Art Consultants Limited, Shenzhen Yue Mutang Art and Design Co., Ltd., Platinum Crystal Art Studio